A documentary about the life-changing power of a 2016 California music & yoga festival from the vantage point of 20 diverse millennials, who reflect on the experience in 2020 amid quarantine.


lightning-in-a-bottle: (idiomatic)

Capturing something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it, and show it to the world.

-Urban Dictionary


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LIB Festival premiere posters.png

World Premiere Announcement!

Lightning In A Bottle: A Festival Story will be screening in LA at the Marina del Rey Film Festival on Monday, June 20th at 4:00pm in Theater 9 at the Cinemark 18 & XD at the Howard Hughes center. Tickets Available Here!

And in New York at the Love Wins international Film Festival on Thursday, June 30th at 6:30pm in Roslyn, NY. We're in the Diversity & Inclusion program, tickets here.

It’s an honor for our film to be recognized for its ultimate message and theme, Love prevails. We’re so thankful and excited to be able to share our film with all our close friends and family on both coasts, and many other places to follow, come join us!


LIB: A Festival Story has already begun to garner attention from film festivals worldwide, but we need YOUR help to get the film to the finish line. We need to raise at least $30k-50k of finishing funds to secure music licenses for the soundtrack of the film, and covering post production such as color correction, sound mixing and marketing costs. The film is so close to being seen, sign up for updates and news about when & where the film will be screening. Thank you!


LIB: A Festival Story


A diverse group of millennials have a life changing experience at a holistic California music festival, Lightning in a Bottle, in 2016. The festival plays out in realtime from their perspective as the present-day, quarantined, versions of themselves reflect on what the festival experience truly means, how the world has changed since, and what keeps them connected to this very day.